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Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
Hungarian Heviz cup This little cup shows a... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.2.2018.68 Unknown 2018
Hungarian Small Black and Floral Vase This has a black ground color... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.2.2018.69 Unknown 2018
Hungarian Female Figurative Cup The handles are simple arms... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.2.2018.70 Unknown 2018
Hungarian Corkstoppers Sculptures A woman and a man in... Sculpture, Wooden 2018.1009.2.2018.85 Unknown 2018
Hungarian Hungarian Music CDs Nine Hungarian music CDs:... Ephemera 2018.1012.2.2018.64 Various 2018
Hungarian Hungarian Bas Relief of Dancers A man and a woman are shown... Sculpture, Metal 2018.1010.2.2018.69 Unknown 2018
Hungarian Book about Hungary In the Hungarian language.... Book 2018.1011.2.2018.90 Halasz Zoltan, author 2018
Hungarian Hungarian-English Dictionary Set This is an old two-volume... Book 2018.1011.2.2018.91 Unknown 2018
Nigerian Fulani Hat This woven grass hat is... Costume 2019.1014.2.2019.31 Wodaabe 2019
Nigerian Four Nigerian Farming Tools The four traditional Nigerian... Functional Items 2019.1015.2.2019.65 2019