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For information regarding tourism and the Nationality Rooms, affected by the Covid-19 virus.


Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
Czechoslovak Czechoslovak Scarf Square yellow scarf, printed... Costume 2015.1014.2.0.2
Czechoslovak Charles University Medal Depicts Charles University,... Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1948.3 1948
Czechoslovak Sokol Coin Depicts three youth athletes... Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1933.4 1933
Czechoslovak Komensky Coin Depicts Jan Komensky. Ten... Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1957.5 1957
Czechoslovak Czechoslovak 1922 O. Spaniel Coin Depicts agricultural figure... Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1922.6 1922
Czechoslovak Charles Bridge Coins Depict Charles Bridge.... Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1926.7 1926
Czechoslovak Masaryk Coin Depicts Tomas Masaryk. Two 20... Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1937.8 1937
Czechoslovak Sheaf of Wheat Functional Items 2015.1015.2.1924.1 1924
Czechoslovak Sokols Badge Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1965.9 1965
Japanese Japanese Postcard Postcard of print (two women... Ephemera 2015.1012.2.2014.3 2014