Dragon Ceiling 

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For information regarding tourism and the Nationality Rooms, affected by the Covid-19 virus.


Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
German Hummel "Doctor" Figurine Standing boy with doctor... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.28 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Hear Ye, Hear Ye" Figurine Standing boy with town crier... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.29 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Retreat to Safety" Figurine Boy on fence with frog. Mold... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.30 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Chimney Sweep" Figurine Standing boy with black... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.31 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Chimney Sweep" Figurine Standing boy with ladder and... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.32 Goebel 2015
German Goebel "Friar Tuck" Cruet Three friars on salt/pepper/... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.33 Goebel 2015
Indian Indian Room Brick Sample Sample of 15 bricks set in... Other 2016.1016.2000.16 Powell & Minnock Brick Works, Inc. 2000
Austrian Austrian Bronze Fibula Stylized horsehead design.... Jewelry 2015.1018.2.0.1 Ancient unknown
Irish Print - Book of Kells, St. Matthew Color print, framed, glass... Art, Drawings / Prints 2015.1005.2.1950.1 Goodwin Galleries, Limerick 1950s
American Album - University of Pittsburgh In Drawings by Henry Koerner,... Book 2015.1005.2.1962.1 1962