Dragon Ceiling 

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For information regarding tourism and the Nationality Rooms, affected by the Covid-19 virus.


Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
Finnish Finnish Postcards 8 pieces, reproduced... Ephemera 2015.1012.2.2002.2 Oct 1 2002
American Recognition Plaque to Chancellor Fitzgerald Framed artwork dated May 1955... Art, Drawings / Prints 2016.1005.1.1955.27 M.T. Van Ordstrand May 11, 1955
Scottish "Running for Shelter" by C. Lodder Oil painting on wood of... Art, Paintings 2016.1001.2.0.12 Charles Arthur Lodder
German Hummel "Umbrella Boy" Figurine Seated boy with umbrella.... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.1 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Umbrella Girl" Figurine Seated girl with umbrella.... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.2 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Ring Around the Rosie" Figurine Four standing girls holding... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.3 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "School Girls" Figurine Three standing girls in half... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.4 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Knitting Lesson" Figurine Two standing girls. Mold 256... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.5 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Umbrella Boy" Trinket Box Seated boy with umbrella on... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.6 Goebel 2015
German Hummel "Umbrella Girl" Trinket Box Seated girl with umbrella on... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2015.7 Goebel 2015