Dragon Ceiling 

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For information regarding tourism and the Nationality Rooms, affected by the Covid-19 virus.


Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
American Life Magazine Contains info on Croghan-... Ephemera 2015.1011.2.1945.1 Life Magazine 1945
American IOOF Convention Medal "Gold" medal with... Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1936.1 June 11, 1936
Chinese Chinese Bronze Lion with Base Very detailed lion, collar,... Art, Metal 2015.1004.2.1996.2 1996
Czech Moravian Girl Doll Eyelet drawers and petticoat... Dolls 2015.1013.2.1995.1
Yugoslav Yugoslav Girl Doll Cloth body, drawers,... Dolls 2015.1013.2.1960.2 1960's
Yugoslav Yugoslav Boy Doll Cloth body, linen pants and... Dolls 2015.1013.2.0.3
Chinese Chinese Wooden Pedestal Dark wood, footed, teak Sculpture, Wood 2015.1009.2.1930.1 1920's/1930's
Czechoslovak Tacky Doll Shoes Plastic shoes, one pair Dolls 2015.1013.2.1960.4 1960's
Ukrainian Ukrainian Headband Netted bead band sewn to pink... Costume 2015.1014.2.1990.1 1990's
American Nationality Rooms Dedication Statement Framed document stating the... Other 2016.1016.1.1937.17 1937