The Nationality Rooms are not generally accessible when classes are not in session or on days when tours are not offered, such as inter-term breaks or holidays.  Furthermore, no self-guided tours of the Nationality Rooms are currently offered.  In-person tours of the Nationality Rooms require advance registration at least three days in advance.  The registration form can be found under the Tours menu.  Tours times vary daily and can be found on the tour registration form.  Tour guests are strongly encouraged to wear masks in the interest of promoting healthy community use of common and classroom areas.

There will be no tours offered on Monday, May 30 or Monday, July 4.

Tours of the Nationality Rooms are available only by advance registration several days in advance to the intended tour time. The form to register for a tour can be found at the bottom of this page and includes the available tour days and times. There are no self-guided tours of the Nationality Rooms or the Cathedral of Learning at this time.   

Information related to getting to the Cathedral of Learning and parking can be found on the Hours/Directions section of the web site.

To request a short presentation to your school or organization, please visit the Presentation Request page.

For general questions about touring, contact the Tour Visitors Center at

Room Availability

The Nationality Rooms are functioning classrooms. Visitors must take great care not to disturb active classes. Given the current operational stance of the University, all tours of the Nationality Rooms require advance registration and will be guided. Guided, group tours will visit a selection of rooms that happen to be available during the scheduled time. Availability to rooms changes hour to hour depending on class times, so expecting certain rooms to be open during weekdays is not advised. Guests desiring to see particular rooms are advised to visit on weekends when the Nationality Rooms are not scheduled for classes. There are no self-guided audio tours available in the spring 2022 semester.


Guided Tours

Reservations must be made at least 4 days in advance. Group tours booked when school is in session will only visit available rooms not in use for classes. To request a guided, group tour, contact the Tour Coordinator using the webform at the bottom of this page.  It will enable you to refine your tour request, and the Tour Coordinator will receive your submitted form and reply if there is availability in the schedule for your request. A submitted webform request is not confirmation of a scheduled event; please allow for an emailed confirmation.


Adults $10
Children & Youths (Up to 18 Years) $6

Holiday Open House

The Holiday Open House for 2021 was offered online. Please look under the Events menu to travel through the 31 Nationality Rooms and to listen to Pitt's Quo Vadis guides speak about special architectural features and interesting facts of each room. Take part in the Greek Christmas Trivia Weekend, practice making your own Romanian Sorcovas, see a performance from the Scottish Balmoral Pipes and Drums Band, and discover much more about holiday and winter traditions, food, and stories from countries around the world!


Zoom based interactive tours are available via a new secure registration / pay site for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. They are also a way to tour if you cannot physically make it to campus once operations return to a physical environment. A mixture of video, photos, and audio will enhance the narration of the Nationality Rooms, organized by themes.



Over the years, the Quo Vadis program has accpted many talented students to join the ranks of volunteer guides.  These students dedicate their time to acquiring a thorough and accurate knowledge of each Nationality Room and the history of the Cathedral of Learning so that they can interpret the classrooms and knowledgably answer any questions. Trainees are required to pass both a written and oral exam before becoming a member of the organization. If interested in becoming a guide, contact the Tour Coordinator and Quo Vadis Advisor.


Tour Request Form

Sorry—no tours will be given this day.

Groups of 10-30 people are considered Small.  In addition to per-person admission charges, a $6.00 non-refundable deposit is required after confirmation.

Groups of 31-60 people are considered Medium.  In addition to per-person admission charges, a $12.00 non-refundable deposit is required after confirmation.

Groups of 61-90 people are considered Large.  In addition to per-person admission charges, a $20.00 non-refundable deposit is required after confirmation.

Groups of more than 91 people are considered Jumbo.  A $30.00 non-refundable deposit is required after confirmation is received.

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