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Sonata Filipino Film

“Sonata,” a film starring Cherie Gil, will be the second in the Filipino Film Marathon series benefiting the Philippine Nationality Room at the University of Pittsburgh.

The story follows an opera diva (Cherie Gil) who has lost her voice. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, she returns home to Negros Occidental where she encounters a young boy (Chino Jalandoni). As the world of the well-travelled diva collides with the world of a boy in the throes of exploration, both discover the nature of art and the healing power of love.

Rated PG-13, the film is in Hilgaynon (Ilonggo), Tagalog, and English with English subtitles.

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filipino film series

Sign Up to attend by clicking for a registration form

OPen House flyer

Celebrate Holiday Open House with us on Sunday, December 4th at the Cathedral of Learning from noon to 4 p.m. See the list of Nationality Room Committees participating and all the performance groups.

Performance Schedule – Commons Room

12:10 – Introduction by Maxine Bruhns...
12:15 – Pittsburgh Taiko (Japanese)
12:30 – Alpen Schuhplattlers und Trachtein Verein
12:45 – St. Nicholas Tamburitzans (Serbian)
1:00 – Aaravi Center for Bollywood Dance (Indian)
1:15 – Folklore Ensemble Hrvatski Tanac (Croatian)
1:30 – BREAK
1:45 – Tair Afon Dawnswyr Cymraeg (Welsh)
2:00 – Folklore Ensemble Ljeljo (Croatian)
2:15 – Alpen Schuhplattlers und Trachtein Verein
2:25 – Philippine American Performing Arts
2:45 – Folklore Ensemble Hrvatski Tanac (Croatian)
3:00 – Grecian Odyssey Dancers (Greek)
3:15 – Grecian Odyssey Dancers (Greek)
3:30 – Tair Afon Dawnswyr Cymraeg (Welsh)

3:45 – Philippine American Performing Arts

Ethnic Foods, Displays and Demonstrations Provided By:

African Heritage Committee
Austrian Committee
Chinese Committee
Czechoslovak Committee
English Committee
Finnish Committee
French Committee
German Committee
Greek Committee
Hungarian Committee
Indian Committee
Iranian Committee
Irish Committee
Israel Heritage Committee
Japanese Committee
Italian Committee
Japanese Committee
Lithuanian Committee
Paititi Art & Hand Crafts
Philippine Committee
Pittsburgh Lace Group
Polish Committee
Quo Vadis
Scottish Committee
Swiss Committee
Syria-Lebanon Committee
Turkish Committee
Ukrainian Committee
Welsh Committee
Women’s International Club

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