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Presentation by Ruth Crawford Mitchell Fellow

Nov. 20 Presentation: Choriocarcinoma syndrome in super-high-risk patients with testicular germ cell tumor (this event is for Czechoslovak Room members only).

Choriocarcinoma syndrome is a rare, but highly fatal syndrome in testicular germ cell tumors. Dr. Rejlekova has been specializing on GU malignancies, especially testicular cancer for 16 years. She has focused on this syndrome, in this rare, but on the other hand most common solid malignancy in men between the age of 18-40.

In the literature until now, there is only limited data regarding the etiopathogenesis, diagnostics, proper patients' selection and importantly the optimal treatment management of patients with testicular germ cell tumors susceptible to choriocarcinoma syndrome development. She is doing preclinical as well as translational research in this area as well as an international retrospective study that is under way.

In her presentation she will talk about the most important characteristics of the patients susceptible to choriocarcinoma syndrome development, new predictive biomarkers as well as the therapeutic options for them. She will explain the most important topics of her research, which she started in Slovakia and the reason for her stay at the University of Pittsburgh.         

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