Donate to the Nationality Rooms


The Nationality Rooms are not generally accessible when classes are not in session or on days when tours are not offered, such as inter-term breaks or holidays.  Furthermore, no self-guided tours of the Nationality Rooms are currently offered.  In-person tours of the Nationality Rooms require advance registration at least three days in advance.  The registration form can be found under the Tours menu.  Tours times vary daily and can be found on the tour registration form.

There will be no tours offered on Monday, June 20 or Monday, July 4.

Through the generrosity of public donations, the Nationality Rooms & Intercultural Exchange Programs can thrive.  Please consider making a gift to one of the to one of the scholarships or to one of the general funds to help support the cultural and academic mission of the NRIEP and its dedicated committees.



General Funds