Dragon Ceiling 

Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
Filipino Filipino Musical Instrument Wood tube, fabric, shells and... Musical Instruments 2015.1019.2.0.1
Czechoslovak Czechoslovak Corn Husk Doll Woman spinning flax. Husk,... Dolls 2015.1013.2.0.14
Pakistani Pakistani Coffee Pot Brass pot with attached lid Functional Items 2015.1015.2.0.6
Japanese Origami Star Green and yellow paper Art, Fabric non woven 2015.1006.2.2000.2 2000
Indian Miniature Hindu Shrine Krishna and white cow, wood Sculpture, Wooden 2015.1009.2.2000.3 2000
Welsh Welsh Plate Red dragon, leeks and... Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.2001.35 2001
Russian Russian Lacquerware Spoon Serving spoon, black, gold,... Functional Items 2015.1015.2.0.7
Japanese Miniature Japanese Lantern Hexagonal ceramic or stone Art, Ceramic 2015.1002.2.0.36
Unknown Wooden Egg with Base Pysanka-style decoration,... Sculpture, Wooden 2015.1009.2.2000.4 2000
Yugoslav Yugoslav Wooden Boot Carved, turned up toe,... Sculpture, Wooden 2015.1009.2.0.5