Dragon Ceiling 

Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
Hungarian Herend Shepherd Porcelain Figure Marked in base, production... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.7.2018.59 Herend 2018
Hungarian Hollohaza PorcelainWoman A female figure holds a... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.7.2018.60 Hollohaza 2018
Hungarian Hollohaza Porcelain Man The man wears a black hat and... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.7.2018.61 Hollohaza 2018
Hungarian Hollohaza Lidded Stein Ceramic and metal lidded... Functional Items 2018.1015.7.2018.62 Hollohaza 2018
Hungarian Herend Guidebook This is a slim guidebook to... Book 2018.1011.2.2018.89 Herend 2018
Hungarian Hollohaza Porcelain Figurines Three identical male... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.2.2018.63 Hollohaza 2018
Hungarian Hollohaza Leaf Shaped Candy Dish A candy dish shaped like a... Functional Items 2018.1015.2.2018.64 Hollohaza 2018
Hungarian Zsolnay Candy Dish Lilac and pink flowers... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.2.2018.65 Zsolnay 2018
Hungarian Miniature Jug Glazed black with very... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.2.2018.66 Unknown 2018
Hungarian Face Decorated Stoneware Mini Jug Has a pinched lip and a face... Art, Ceramic 2018.1002.2.2018.67 Unknown 2018