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For information regarding tourism and the Nationality Rooms, affected by the Covid-19 virus.


Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
Japanese Japanese Paper Doll 7 Blue and white kimono with... Dolls 2017.1013.2.0.48 unknown
Japanese Japanese Paper Doll 8 Shows a woman with a white... Dolls 2017.1013.2.0.49 unknown
Japanese Japanese Paper Dolls 9 Two women, dressed in a blue... Dolls 2017.1013.2.0.50 unknown
Irish Irish Soil 1 This jar of soil, in a lidded... Other 2017.1016.1.0.18 unknown
Irish Irish Soil 2 This jar of soil is from... Other 2017.1016.1.0.19 unknown
African African Xylophone 1 Xylophone with 10 keys for... Musical Instruments 2017.1019.1.0.13 unknown
African African Xylophone 2 Xylophone with 19 slats, held... Musical Instruments 2017.1019.1.0.14 unknown
Czechoslovak Grandma Skapik's Sunday Blouse This Sunday blouse, circa... Costume 2017.1014.8.2017.43 2017
Czechoslovak Czechoslovak Embroidered Scarf Burlap base, silk /satin... Costume 2017.1014.8.2017.44 2017
Czechoslovak Lace Collar Indicated as a "cupkori... Costume 2017.1014.8.2017.46 2017