Dragon Ceiling 

Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
Sierra Leone Mende Woman's Society Mask This very dark mask shows a... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.71 Mende 2016
Ivory Coast Guro Elephant Heddle Pulley This is a heddle pulley with... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.72 Guro 2016
Ivory Coast Dan Ceremonial Rice Spoon A large spoon, with a very... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.73 Dan 2016
Burkina Faso Bwa Zoomorphic Reptile Mask This mask portrays a... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.74 Bwa 2016
Nigerian Yoruba Ibeji Figures These male and female figures... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.75 Yoruba 2016
Ghanaian Ashanti Fertility Doll This fertility doll features... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.76 Ashanti 2016
Ghanaian Fanti Fertility Doll This unusual figure is an... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.77 Fanti 2016
Ghanaian Akan Ancestor Figure A seated figure, with a red,... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.78 Akan 2016
Ghanaian Ashanti Mother and Child Fertility Group A female figure seated on a... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.79 Ashanti 2016
Ivory Coast Guro Blue Faced Mask This mask is unusual for the... Sculpture, Wooden 2017.1009.2.2016.80 Guro 2016