Dragon Ceiling 

Ethnicity Item Name Description Category Picture Inventory Number Maker Acquisition Year
African List of African Languages Long computer print-out of... Ephemera 2016.1012.2.1988.63 1988
English Wratten & Godfrey Proposed English Room Drawings This selection of an original... Art, Drawings / Prints 2016.1005.2.1937 Wratten & Godfrey, Architects (Walter Godfrey) 1937
American English Room Plans by Klimcheck These are six elevations and... Art, Drawings / Prints 2016.1005.2.1958.26 Albert Klimcheck, Univ. Architect 1950-1958
English "Principia Mathematica," Isaac Newton Brown leather bound 1871 copy... Book 2016.1011.2.0.88 Isaac Newton, Robert MacLehose
Chinese Chinese Tree Watercolor Watercolor on paper of a... Art, Paintings 2016.1001.2.0.13
American Print of "March North Atlantic" Glossy color print of "... Art, Drawings / Prints 2016.1005.1.0.28
American "Declaration by Men of Many Races" Print Printed copy of "The... Art, Drawings / Prints 2016.1005.2.0.29
Italian Italian Multicultural Doll 1 Circa 1950s doll made in... Dolls 2016.1013.2.2016.34 2016
Italian Italian Multicultural Doll 2 Circa 1950s doll made in... Dolls 2016.1013.2.2016.35 2016
Italian Italian Multicultural Doll 3 Circa 1950s doll made in... Dolls 2016.1013.2.2016.36 2016