Frequently Asked Questions



When will I know if I’ve won an award?

Please see section Finalists and Awardee Selection and Notification


Can I skype with the panels for my interview?

All finalists must be physically present for the interview.


Can I use the scholarship for a summer study program preceding a year-abroad program and return for the fall and spring semesters of the following year?

No. Students are required to be on campus for the fall and spring terms immediately following their summer study experience.


Are there restrictions as to how the scholarship money may be spent?

The award is considered a supplement to the cost of the proposal. Scholarship funds should be spent on tuition, room and board, transportation, and passport and visa application expenses.


Do I have to enroll in an American university-sponsored program?

No. The Nationality Rooms Program encourages students to enroll in credit-worthy, host country sponsored programs.  All study abroad programs must be approved by Study Abroad and the credits must be transferable to your transcript.


What do selection panels look for in a candidate?

Each panel varies but, in general, these points apply:


  • Academically and linguistically prepared for the study abroad experience
  • Knowledgeable about the country with sound academic reasons for going there
  • Defined relationship between the candidate’s project and their career goals
  • Inclusion of an in-depth cultural experience as well as, or in addition to, a classroom experience (e.g., a home stay as opposed to dormitory living, volunteer work, an informal research project on a related topic)