Summer Study Abroad Award Recipients

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The Summer Study Abroad scholarships sponsored by the Nationality Rooms Committees reflect decades of work by those committees to honor an ideal--education through cultural exchange. After their rooms were built, the groups decided to stay together to raise funds enabling eligible University of Pittsburgh students to study abroad, thereby experiencing another culture in depth.

2017 Award Recipients


Sara Bauman – Accham, Nepal

Dr. & Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Scholarship

… to research a collaborative filmmaking method for collecting and disseminating data on menstrual hygiene management in mid-west Nepal.

Daniel Beresheim – Israel

Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

… to conduct oral histories with engineers at several start-ups who are developing artificial intelligence in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

 Emilie Coakley — Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Scholarship

… to study identity formation and inter-faith community-building at the Roman Catholic 'Center for Liturgical Music' in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Benjamin Case — Johannesburg, South Africa

Stanley Prostrednik Scholarship

… to study the ways in which student activists view the effects of different types of tactics, particularly more and less violent tactics, used in the #FeesMustFall movement, which successfully prevented nationwide university tuition hikes in 2015.

 Sarah Conell — Vienna, Austria

Austrian Room Committee Scholarship

… to study the visual culture surrounding veneration of Christ's Holy Blood as it manifested in late medieval and early modern Austria.

 Haley Dresang — Bogota, Colombia

Stanley Prostrednik Health Sciences Scholarship

… to examine the relationship between semantic memory and language in Spanish speaking adults with and without aphasia ( an acquired language disorder often caused by a stroke)

 Joel Garceau—  Yangon, Myanmar

Dr. & Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Scholarship

… to engage local media, oversee educational and professional exchange programs between the U.S. and Burma, facilitate English teaching, and conduct cultural affairs programming throughout the country.

 Jordan Hayes— Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Fred C. Bruhns Memorial Scholarship

… to respond to media representations of cell phone use among forcibly displaced people fleeing to Europe with a study of digitally literate practices among Syrian refugees sheltering in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

 Kelvin Isom— Eldoret, Kenya

Helen Pool Rush Scholarship

… to intern at the Legal Aid Centre of Eldoret (LACE)  offering pro bono legal aid services to those affected and living with HIV & AIDS in the society. To serve as human rights advocate for survivors of sexual, gender-based, and domestic violence, while improving community relations and underprivileged representation.

 John Kennedy — Santiago, Chile

Ivan Santa-Cruz Memorial Scholarship

… to undertake a comparative analysis of the coup of Chilean President Salvador Allende in relation to the coup of Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz.

 Ellen Larson —Beijing, China

John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship

… to study Classical Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China in addition to conducting primary research in preparation for her MA thesis.

 Kelsea LaSorda—Capetown, South Africa

James W. Knox Memorial Scholarship

… To participate in research on preventing mother to child transmission of HIV in South Africa. 

 Alexander Malanych— Jerusalem, Israel

Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

… to study Hebrew at the Conservative Yeshiva of Jerusalem while conducting research on LGBT ritual innovations at local synagogues, minyanim, and Jewish LGBT organizations. 

 Anjali Martin —Nkhoma Mission, Malawi

George F. & Mary Ann McGunagle Scholarship

… to study motivations, rationale, and successes of agricultural intervention programs aimed at improving crop yield for smallholder farmers in Nkhoma Mission, Malawi.

 Irene Monteverde —Siena, Milan, Italy and Belgium

Helen Pool Rush Scholarship

… to conduct jazz research in Europe, documenting the music tour of Director of Jazz Studies, Geri Allen, who will play in duo with Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava.  

 Jymirah Morris —Managua, Nicaragua

Stanley Prostrednik Health Sciences Scholarship

… to research the utilization of the Global Mental Health Assessment Tool in patients with traumatic brain injury.

 Olivia Mundy—Milan, Italy

Dr. Douglas Radcliff-Umstead Memorial Scholarship

… to intern with the United States Department of State at the U.S. Consulate General in Milan, Italy.

 James Newton—Lilongwe, Malawi

John and Josephine McCloskey Scholarship

… to qualitatively characterize the diagnosis and care course of pediatric respiratory disease in Malawi, with the intent to identify potential targets for intervention.

 Gabrielle Rajerison —Antananarivo, Madagascar

Wendall Wray Memorial Scholarship

… to research the relationship between love, ancestor worship, and the formation of racial identity/anti-Blackness in Madagascar via on-site interviews and an engagement with the country's art production.

 Cynthia Salter —San Jose and San Carlos, Costa Rica

Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Scholarship

… to complete qualitative research with maternity care providers exploring their perspectives of and experiences with birth trauma.  I will complete in-depth semi-structured interviews with 10-15 providers at several hospitals in San Jose and San Carlos.

 Sophia Sanders —Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

John and Josephine McCloskey Scholarship

… to study women's leadership and community development in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

 Laura Smith —Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Dorothy Bradley Brown Physical Therapy Scholarship

… to intern at a physical therapy clinic in Guatemala to learn about and gain experience in international medicine.

 Rachel Vinciguerra —Les Cayes, Haiti

Helen Pool Rush Scholarship

… to conduct a program evaluation of the "Fi Ki Fo" (strong girl) girl's empowerment program at Pwoje Espwa orphanage in Les Cayes, Haiti. And to serve as an intern for God's Vision for Haiti, a new foster care program in Les Cayes.

 Kathryn Waring—Bielefeld, Germany

Stanley Prostrednik Scholarship

… to research the institutionalization and treatment of epileptics in Germany before, during, and after World War II in comparison to the U.S., and how past eugenics-era laws in both countries continue to shape the way society views and stigmatizes people with epilepsy today.

 William Weaver– Leon, Nicaragua

James W. Knox Memorial Scholarship

… to study the history of leftist Evangelicalism in Nicaragua's Sandinista Revolution. 

 Anna Weber — Szuben, Poland

Polish Room Committee Scholarship

… to study the development, history, and impact of Oflag 64, the only Nazi POW camp for American officers in Poland.​



Kristin Arbutina —Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Room Committee Scholarship (in honor of Endre Csoman)

… to engage in an immersive linguistic experience in Debrecen, Hungary, followed by a cultural exploration of Hungarian Art and Architecture in Budapest, Hungary.

Caileigh Carei—Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Women’s International Club Scholarship

… to conduct a fieldwork investigation on the work of Brazilian filmmaker Ana Carolina (a.k.a. Ana Carolina Teixeira Soares).

 Noah Coco  —Capetown, South Africa

Helen  Pool Rush Scholarship

… to study American foreign policy in Africa as well as participating in service learning while in South Africa. I will also conduct research on the issue of affordable housing within South Africa.

 Christina Conte —Buenos Aires, Argentina

Savina S. Skewis Memorial Scholarship

… to study business and Spanish language in Buenos Aires, Argentina in order to gain cultural and professional experience through an internship in an unparalleled business setting.

 Madison Cristinziano —Rome, Italy

Italian Room Committee Scholarship

… to study Italian language and history through the University of Pittsburgh, in Rome, Italy.  

 Maria Evankovich —Cochabamba, Bolivia

David L. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship

… to learn about contemporary issues facing Bolivia’s diverse population and volunteer in the community through a service learning placement.  

 Darcy Foster —London, England

Women’s International Club Scholarship

… to study history, literature, and intern at a museum at the University of Pittsburgh's London program through CAPA, the Global Education Network.

 Shivani Gaur —Lima, Peru

Helen Pool Rush Scholarship

… to study Medical Spanish , community medicine and healthcare in Peru at the la Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia.

Megan Harris—Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Room Committee Scholarship/Toshiba International Foundation

… to study Japanese society, politics, and culture at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.

 Tanisha Joseph —Kunming, China

Chinese Room Committee Scholarship (in honor of Tom Chen)

… to study the Chinese language and culture with CET Academic Programs at Yunnan University.

 Cecilia Lacey —London, England

Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Scholarship

… to study comparative Sign Language at the University College London’s Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre and complete independent music research in London, England.

 Teresa Leatherow—Copenhagen, Denmark

Herbert E. Lieberkind/Danish Room Committee Scholarship

… to study environmental sustainability and engineering concepts through DIS Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

 Lynnea Lombardi– Seoul, South Korea

Women’s International Club Scholarship

… to study the mass media and popular culture of Korea at Korea University's International Summer Campus in Seoul, South Korea

 Clayton Lyons—Graz, Austria

Austrian Room Committee Scholarship

… to study the development of medicine in both the United States and Western Europe through the History of Medicine and Healthcare course.

 Ilana McAfoos—Galway, Ireland

Mary Campbell Cross/Irish Room Committee Scholarship

… to study the architecture and archaeology of the castles, churches and cloisters of Medieval Ireland.

 Aniah McLeod—Iringa, Tanzania

African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

… to study the determinants of health and Swahili language of Iringa at the CIEE center in Iringa, Tanzania with the Pitt in Tanzania program. 

 Eleanna Melcher-Vienna , Austria

Austrian Room Committee Scholarship

… to study advanced German language and Austrian and German cultural history through Harvard University.

 William Mischler– Beijing, China

John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship

… to study Chinese language with the ACC program in Beijing.

 Ogechukwu Opaigbeogu– Iringa, Tanzania

African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship (in memory of Lillie Mae Lesesne)

… to learn more about East African culture and health issues at the CIEE center in Iringa in order to immerse myself in East African culture and get a better understanding of global health issues

 Kamal Raslan– Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland

Nationality Council Scholarship for Quo Vadis Guides

… to study sustainable urban planning and design in Northern Europe through the University of California: Davis, analyzing both the architectural and political implications of sustainability.

 Julianna Rohac– Paris, France

French Room Committee Scholarship (in memory of David Kremen)

… to intern in Paris in order to learn and work in the marketing industry, while developing French language skills and knowledge of the French culture. 

 Kim Rooney- Shanghai, China

John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship

… to study language and culture to examine how we construct Chinese identity, which will tie into my larger project of analyzing interracial adoption narratives and their construction of race and family.

 Linton Taylor-  Madrid, Spain

Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Scholarship

… to develop a competitive advantage in the workplace, and to learn about Spanish culture through a summer-long internship in Madrid, Spain. 

 Isabella Tessitore– Madrid, Spain

Helen Pool Rush Scholarship

… To complete an unpaid international internship in the marketing field to learn more about international business.

 Hamilton Weaver– Geneva, Switzerland

Swiss Room Committee Scholarship

… To study international studies, multilateral diplomacy, and French language at the School of International Training in Geneva, Switzerland

 Carolynn Weeks– Beijing, China

John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship

… to study Chinese language and modern culture in an immersive experience in Beijing, China through Peking University.

 Kyle Wyche– Napo, Ecuador

Savina S. Skewis Memorial Scholarship

… to acquire an understanding of tropical ecology in the Amazon Rainforest while studying at the Andes & Amazon Field School and develop an independent research project based on the Amazon Rainforest.