Summer Study Abroad Award Recipients

Sankofa Birds African Heritage Room 

The Summer Study Abroad scholarships sponsored by the Nationality Rooms Committees reflect decades of work by those committees to honor an ideal--education through cultural exchange. After their rooms were built, the groups decided to stay together to raise funds enabling eligible University of Pittsburgh students to study abroad, thereby experiencing another culture in depth.

2014 Award Recipients

Graduate Awards

Austrian Room Committee Scholarship

Stephanie Makin - Salzburg, Austria

To analyze the role of Catholicism in the formation of the West during the Cold War.


Austrian Room Committee Grant

Benjamin Ogrodnik - Vienna, Austria

To research the development of Austrian experimental cinema during the postwar era.


Judge Genevieve Blatt Award

Emily Kinkead - Eldoret, Kenya

To complete an internship with the Legal Aid Centre, which provides pro bono legal aid to victims of HIV.


Dorothy Bradley Brown Physical Therapy Award

Alexander Kimp - Melbourne, Australia

To complete an internship at the Sports Injury Clinic, treating and evaluating musculoskeletal injuries.


Fred C. Bruhns Memorial Award

Darren Hedlund - Amman, Jordan

To teach English at a Palestinian refugee camp community center and take an intensive Arabic language course.


Chinese Room Committee Scholarship

Matthew Overstreet - Shanghai, China

To examine language use on public signage in China and how it relates to the public’s relationship to authority.


 Indian Room Committee Scholarship

Anjani Parikh - New Delhi, India

To complete an HIV/AIDS Program Evaluation internship with the Center for Disease Control.


Indian Room Committee Grant

Patrick Beckhorn - Delhi, India

To study the relationship between bicycle community development and women cyclists’ empowerment.


Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

Katherine Martin - Haifa, Israel

To research the impact of the native language of ESL students on reading-related skills in English.


James W. Knox Memorial Award

Julie Nelson - Ankara, Turkey

To complete a summer Public Affairs internship at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara.


Josephine and John McCloskey Memorial Award

Emily Maloney - Vilnius, Lithuania

To write an immersion journalism piece about the people of Uzupis, an artists’ colony in Vilnius.


George F. and Mary Ann McGunagle Memorial Award

Jorge Tapia-Ortiz - Térraba, Costa Rica

To examine the relationship between education systems in indigenous communities and their contemporary literature.


Ruth Crawford Mitchell Award

Tahereh Mirzakazemi - Cali, Colombia

To study the effects of intimate partner violence on child maltreatment in Colombia.


Frances & Sully Nesta Memorial Award

Nicole Coffineau - Perugia, Italy

To investigate the history of commercial photographic portraiture in pre-20th century Italy.


Stanley Prostrednik Award

Eva Urrechaga - Guimaras, Philippines

To research treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in Filipino children.


Stanley Prostrednik Grant

Lauren Cirrincione - Durban, South Africa

To complete an internship at a research facility dedicated to investigation of tuberculosis/HIV.


Stanley Prostrednik Grant

Juliette Neu - Gyeongju, South Korea

To research the social and political order of the ancient kingdom of Silla.


Dr. and Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Award

Christopher Rippee - Kobe, Japan

To research international development with a focus on human security.


John H. Tsui Memorial Award

Kyle Hettinger - Beijing, China

To complete an international business internship.


Wendell Wray Memorial Award

Caitlin Corrigan - Botswana/Namibia/S. Africa

To study the corporate social responsibility of DeBeers mining company.


Undergraduate Awards


Alliance Française de Pittsburgh Award

Mehrgol Tiv - Nantes, France

To study the French language, literature, and culture.


Hungarian Room Committee Scholarship

Jonathan Naser - Debrecen, Hungary

To study the Hungarian language and volunteer at clinics at the University of Debrecen Medical School.


Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Award

Mitchell Bayne - Valparaiso, Chile

To study the Spanish language and Chilean culture, and to gain insight into Chile’s approach to HIV treatment.


Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Grant

Rebecca Wallace - Oslo, Norway

To explore the relationship between nationalism and language, and study the social philosophy of Scandinavia.



John F. Kennedy/Irish Room Committee Scholarship

Elizabeth Tubito - Kilkenny, Ireland

To research the identity formation of the Travellers of Ireland and its effects on their access to social services.


David L. Lawrence Award

Charles Moon - Salamanca, Spain

To gain experience in neuroscience research on the international level and to develop Spanish fluency.


David L. Lawrence Grant

Karim Demian - London, United Kingdom

To study international marketing and the development of London as a modern, global city.


Herbert E. Lieberkind/Danish Room Committee Scholarship

Nicholas Graff - Copenhagen, Denmark

To study neuropsychology and biotechnology at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, and to explore the culture of Denmark.


Dr. Douglas Radcliff-Umstead Award

Martine Gallardo - Genoa, Italy

To study the Italian language, literature, and culture.


Helen Pool Rush Award

Sierra Welsh - Florianopolis, Brazil

To study the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture.


Helen Pool Rush Grant

Sophia Chow - Kyoto, Japan

To study the Japanese language and culture at Ritsumaiken University.


Helen Pool Rush Grant

Harinee Suthakar - Pune, India

To complete an internship at a nongovernmental global health organization in India.


Russian Room Committee Grant

David Kim - Moscow, Russia

To study the Russian language at the Summer Language Institute in Moscow.


Savina S. Skewis Award

Bhavini Patel - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

To study the language, culture, and lifestyle of Tanzania, and to conduct ethnographic research on healthcare development.


Savina S. Skewis Grant

Kara Barton - Barcelona, Spain

To study the Spanish language and culture at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


Jack Wilson Award

Andrew Nitz - Moscow, Russia

To study the Russian language at the Summer Language Institute in Moscow.


Women’s International Club Award

Allison Swafford - Rabat, Morocco

To study Arabic language and culture at the Qalam wa Lawh Language Center, and to engage in community service.


Women’s International Club Grant

Kaitlyn Livingstone – Cochabamba, Bolivia

To study the habits, values, and customs of the native people of Cochabamba and to gain fluency in Spanish language.


Women’s International Club Grant

Laura Kelly – San Jose, Costa Rica

To take an intensive Spanish course at Universidad Veritas.