Summer Study Abroad Award Recipients

Sankofa Birds African Heritage Room 

The Summer Study Abroad scholarships sponsored by the Nationality Rooms Committees reflect decades of work by those committees to honor an ideal--education through cultural exchange. After their rooms were built, the groups decided to stay together to raise funds enabling eligible University of Pittsburgh students to study abroad, thereby experiencing another culture in depth.

2015 Award Recipients

Graduate Awards


Dorothy Bradley Brown Physical Therapy Award

Alyssa Livori.   Sydney, Australia. Intern with an independent physiotherapist , Eldin Seif, and learn more about manual therapy while gaining a clinical experience


Fred C. Bruhns Memorial Award

Darius Bittle-Dockery.  Amman, Jordan.  Research the role of international organizations in Jordanian Public Health Initiatives for his dissertation on anthropological perspective of medicine


Indian Room Committee Scholarship

Jacquelynn Jones.   New Dehli, India.  Research the effects of yoga on cognitive function in schizophrenia patients through an internship at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital


Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

Allison Fedorka.   Tel Aviv, Israel.  Intern at The Clinic for Migrants’ Rights at the college of Law and Business while researching immigration and political asylum in Israel and the Middle East



James W. Knox Memorial Award

Jared Rogers.   Kumba, Cameroon.  Intern at the Cameroon Football Development Program through the practice of  international and grass roots community development


Eugene Manasterski Memorial Award

Michael Duane.   Kyiv, Ukraine.  Intern at VoxUkraine, a network of academics and professionals focused on Ukraine, researching anti-corruption and decentralization within Ukraine


George F. & Mary Ann McGunagle Award

Abraham Kim.   Uganda.  Intern at Bright Kids Uganda (BKU), a village with roots as an orphanage, with the intentions of starting a rabbit rearing program to add to their goal of financial self-sustainability


Frances and Sully Nesta Memorial Award

Tyana Truong.   Mantua, Italy and Modena, Italy.  Research Epistolary culture of female literary characters during the Italian Renaissance.


Stanley Prostrednik Award

Trevor Wilson.   Paris, France.  Research the Russian intellectual expatriate community in interwar Paris between 1922-1945 and study their works of art, theology, and philosophy


Stanley Prostrednik Grant

Kasey Ingram.   Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  Research urban poverty, unequal distribution of wealth, and Favela culture in Brazil through Photovoice, a photo documentary youth group in Project Favela


Stanley Prostrednik Health Sciences Scholarship

Christine Nikas.   Neiva, Colombia.  Research the comparision of pre– and post-protocol clinical outcomes in decompressive craniectomy patients following traumatic brain injury at the Neiva University Hospital


Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Award

Jessica Walker.   Aqaba, Jordan.  Research ‘Ayn Gharandal cemetery excavation and skeletal analysis in order to understand the health and lifestyles of early Islamic pastoral nomads


Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Grant

Jennifer Donnelly.   Paris, France.  Research period rooms representative of historical architectural moments from the 13th-17th century in the Museé des Monuments Français


Dr. and Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Award

Daniel Ku.   Singapore.  Research security alliances between Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan (formerly Japanese colonized countries) through an   internship at the International Institute for Strategic Studies


Ivan Santa-Cruz Memorial Award

Gustavo Quintero.  Santiago, Chile.  Research the interdisciplinary approaches of Raúl Ruiz’s experimental cinematography and Diego Maquieira’s audiovisual poetry


Scottish Room Committee/Frank and Vilma Slater Fund Award

Donica O’Malley.   Edinburgh, Scotland.  Research the attitudes and fascination in popular culture towards Red-Haired people in the country with the highest percentage of red headed people


Josephine and John McCloskey Memorial Award

Corey Diehl.   Cairo, Egypt.  Research security issues in Egypt and their relevance to the polices of the US; Egyptian government’s policies regarding security threats, Gaza Strip, and terrorist activity in the Sinai Peninsula




African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

Joya Petersen.   Iringa, Tanzania.  Study East African culture and health issues at the CIEE center with the Pitt in Tanzania program as part of her goal to become a genetic counselor 


Austrian Room Committee Scholarship

Jared Muehlbauer.   Salzburg and Vienna, Austria.  Study Austrian history and German at the University of Salzburg with the AIFS Salzburg program, then to research Metternich and Austrian Conservatism at the Austrian National Library


Austrian Room Committee Grant

Grace Pehlert.   Salzburg, Austria.  Study German and Austrian orchestral music at Salzburg College with the CCIS Summer Study Abroad in Austria program.


Helen Pool Rush Grant

Jordan Johnson.   San José, Costa Rica.  Study Costa Rican culture and language through a Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) Seminar and Field Trip with the Panther Program


Helen Pool Rush Award

Caitlin Riley.  Podgorica, Montenegro.  Study the language and culture of Montenegro with the University of Pittsburgh’s Summer Language Institute Program


David L. Lawrence Memorial Award

Bradley Hanlon.   Moscow, Russia.  Study Russian language and culture through immersion into Russian society  at Moscow International University


Indian Room Committee Scholarship

Melissa Kukowski.  Pune, India.  Study the history, politics, and economics of contemporary India at the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, one of the oldest research and training institutes in Economics in India.


Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

Matthew Wecht.  Tel Aviv, Israel.  Intern with the Onward Israel Internship Program, a program designed to immerse students in Israeli life and culture


Italian Room Committee Scholarship

Jamie Cooper.   Florence, Italy.  Study Italian engineering methods, and Florentine culture, economy, and politics with the Pitt Engineering of the Renaissance program.


Japanese Room Committee Scholarship

(In Honor of K. Takano)

Kayko Ohkawa.  Tokyo, Japan.  Study Japanese language and contemporary Japan at Sophia University


Nationality Council Award

Alexandra Yingst.  Bocas del Toro, Panama.   Conducting research at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute


Nationality Council Grant

Courtney Weaver.   Kyiv, Ukraine.  Study Ukrainian language and culture at the NovaMova International Language School while collecting research on the politicization of traditional Ukrainian embroidery


Polish Room Committee Scholarship

Andrea Evankovich.  Poland.  Intern at the American Pharmacists Association with the International Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation


Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Award

Derrick Kreider.   Augsburg, Germany.  Study at Augsburg University in German language, culture, and history courses with the Pitt in Augsburg program.


Savina S. Skewis Grant

Anisa Mughal.   Cuenca, Ecuador.  Study surgical protocol adherence at the

Universidad de Azuay.


Scottish Room Committee/Frank and Vilma Slater Fund Award

Gabrielle Hill.   Edinburgh, Scotland.  Study Scottish literature and history, while enjoying the Scotland’s great outdoors with the Pitt in Edinburgh program


Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Grant

Johanna Seitenbach.  Dublin, Ireland.  Intern with marketing/publicity agencies to publishing companies in Ireland with the International Internship: EUSA.


Women’s International Club Grant

Minyoung Park.  San Jose, Costa Rica.  Study Spanish, Latin American history ,and society with Pitt in Costa Rica


Savina S. Skewis Award

Katie Dunkelberger.  Berlin, Germany.  Intern in Germany in finance with the International  Internship Program while immersing herself in German language and culture


 John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship

Maura Perri.  Shanghai, China.  Study Chinese language, history, and culture with the Pitt in Shanghai program.


Women’s International Club Award

Brooke Genovese.  Sydney, Australia.  Study the vast range of wildlife and environments across Australia at the University of New South Wales with the Wildlife and Conservation program


Women’s International Club Grant

Madalyn Fritch.  Istanbul, Turkey.    Study Turkish, history and Organic Chemistry II at Bogazici University.