Summer Study Abroad Award Recipients

Sankofa Birds African Heritage Room 

The Summer Study Abroad scholarships sponsored by the Nationality Rooms Committees reflect decades of work by those committees to honor an ideal--education through cultural exchange. After their rooms were built, the groups decided to stay together to raise funds enabling eligible University of Pittsburgh students to study abroad, thereby experiencing another culture in depth.

2013 Award Recipients

Graduate Awards

Austrian Room Committee Scholarship Kelsey Cowles.

Kelsey will assess skeletal evidence of trauma in a sample of Early Bronze Age individuals from various cemetery sites in Lower Austria housed at the National History Museum, Vienna, Austria.

Dorothy Bradley Brown Physical Therapy Award Kelly Ricker.

Kelly will participate in a Physical Therapy Clini-cal Rotation in an in-patient setting in Dublin, Ireland.

Chinese Room Committee Scholarship - Daiji Kano.

Daiji will research the role of miRNA-101 in inhibiting cartilage regeneration in Beijing, China.

Ruth Crawford Mitchell Award - Julianne Norman.

Julianne is planning to evaluate the impact of Real Start’s year-long program on students from underprivileged backgrounds and to develop a research model that can be used to evaluate the human development needs of townships where Real Start works in South Africa.

Beulah Glasco Memorial Scholarship - Kendra Brumfield.

Kendra will intern in an African nation through USAID placement , Africa.

Hungarian Room Committee Scholarship - Katherine Haas.

Katherine will study the dietary habits and how they relate to the social differences among the Bronze Age Maros Culture in Békés, Hungary.

Indian Room Committee Scholarship - Chelsea Pallatino.

Chelsea will study the environmental and health care needs of the population in the project area for SHARE India in Ghanpur Village, India.

Kawashima/Japanese Room Committee Scholarship - Elizabeth Self.

Elizabeth will study an important mausole-um in Kamakura, Japan which dates to the 17th century, and will study what it reveals about the political role of women and the importance of monumental architecture in early modern Japan.

Josephine and John McCloskey Memorial Award - Sergio Hernandez.

Sergio will study the impact of land mines and improvised explosives in death and injury in Colombia. He will also examine the efficiency of a 4-tier evacuation system of the injured and will look at ways to improve current triage protocols in Bogota, Colombia.

George F. and Mary Ann McGunagle Memorial Award - Elise DeSantis.

Elise will work with Bright Kids Uganda and expand the organization’s revenue plan through the sale of eggs and meat by purchasing chickens, building new housing for livestock and promoting organic and sustainable agricultural practices in Entebbe, Uganda.

Stanley Prostrednik Award - Jinny Ye.

Will research the frequency which HIV patients in local clinic are continuing with their HIV care and assessing the counseling skills of local medical students in Beira, Mozambique.

Stanley Prostrednik Grant - Eric Etchill.

Eric will examine how to deliver effective surgical services to those living in developing countries in Chokwe, Mozambique.

Ivan Santa-Cruz Award - Evgeny Postnikov.

Evgeny will research the input of various state and non-state actors in Chile involved in the negotiation and implementation processes of the EU-Chile and U.S.-Chile foreign trade agree-ments in Santiago, Chile.

Scandinavian Society of Western Pennsylvania - Catharine Fairbairn.

Catharine will employ advanced statistical models to conduct a micro-analysis of the impact of alcohol on emotional variation and interpersonal coordination within the context of social interactions in Oslo, Norway.

Dr. and Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Award - Lori Ann Phillips.

Lori Ann will collect and analyze dengue fever data, to do capacity building of staff, modeling techniques of dengue transmission, digitize, collect and organize data in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Undergraduate Awards

African Heritage Room Award - Melissa Delia.

Melissa will study the multicultural society and learn how traditional and modern medicine interact in Antananariva, Madagascar.

Austrian Room Committee Scholarship Megan Dunlop.

Megan will study the German language and culture in Salzburg, Austria.

Fred C. Bruhns Memorial Award - Rebecca Campbell.

Rebecca will learn about Middle Eastern culture, while improving fluency in Arabic in Amman, Jordan.

German Room Committee Scholarship - Lauren Gilligan.

Lauren will complete an accounting internship and study the German language in Berlin, Germany.

David L. Lawrence Award - Breanna Durham.

Breanna will participate in a program at Yonsei University and study the Korean language, culture, and media in Seoul, South Korea.

David L. Lawrence Grant - Grace Kelly.

Grace will attend the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Latin American Studies program and research the role of art in Argentine society in Rosario, Argentina.

David L. Lawrence Grant - Kristina Miller.

Kristina will study linguistics and culture in Ukraine, specifically how cultural factors motivate code-switching in music and in everyday life in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Helen Pool Rush Award - Aric Berning.

Aric will participate in the Summer Language Institute, with the goal of improving his Russian language fluency by studying at Moscow State University in Moscow, Russia.

Helen Pool Rush Grant - Robert Beecher.

Robert will attend the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Latin Ameri-can Studies program in Argentina. To gain a greater understanding of the sustainability success of Rosario’s innova-tive urban agriculture program in Rosario, Argentina.

Helen Pool Rush Grant - Lindsey Shrefler.

Lindsey will attend the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Latin American Studies program in Argentina. She will experience the daily culture, improve her Spanish fluency and study the relationships between the three major religions and medicine in Rosario, Argentina.

Irish Room/ Mary Campbell Cross Scholarship - David Downey.

David will study Irish history, language and culture by participating in the Pitt in Dublin program in Dublin, Ireland.

Jack Wilson Award - Deanna Puglia.

Deanna will explore Korean language and culture while taking classes at Ko-rea University in Seoul, South Korea.

John H. Tsui Memorial Award - Laura Fischer.

Laura will participate in the Pitt in China program. She will experi-ence and gain insight into this culture and will compare the differences between the healthcare systems in Beijing, China.

John H. Tsui Memorial Grant - Nathan Ong.

Nathan will observe the use of technology, particularly within educa-tional environments, in order to focus on how everyday technology usage influences general interest in STEM fields in Beijing, China.

Polish Room Committee/ Kosciuszko Foundation Award - Anna Herold.

Anna will study the Polish language and culture in Krakow, Poland.

Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Award - Jacqueline Dufalla.

Jacqueline will study Russian language and culture while completing an internship in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russian Room Committee Grant - Joseph Krafcynzski.

Joe will gain a deeper understanding of Russian history and will practice the Russian language through courses at the Summer Language Institute in Moscow, Russia

Savina S. Skewis Award - Katherine Thompson.

Katherine will study the Spanish language and culture at the Universidad Latina in addition to volunteering at a medical clinic and a children's hospital in San José, Costa Rica.

Savina S. Skewis Grant - Amanda Fisher.

Amanda will study to improve her Spanish-speaking skills and to learn about Spanish culture in Alcalá de Henares, Spain.

Women’s International Club Award - Lisa Nagy.

Lisa will conduct trauma research and implement a quality im-provement protocol in a university hospital in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Women’s International Club Grant - Emily Koellner.

Emily will attend the Pitt in Brazil program to learn Portu-guese and study the Brazilian culture in Florianopolis. Brazil.

Women’s International Club Grant - Samantha Shipeck.

Samantha will complete an intensive language program at Moscow State University, which will be supplemented by educational trips to provide a more complete immersion in Russian language and culture in Moscow, Russia.