Summer Study Abroad Award Recipients

The Summer Study Abroad scholarships sponsored by the Nationality Rooms Committees reflect decades of work by those committees to honor an ideal--education through cultural exchange. After their rooms were built, the groups decided to stay together to raise funds enabling eligible University of Pittsburgh students to study abroad, thereby experiencing another culture in depth.

2016 Award Recipients


Eugene Manasterski Memorial Scholarship

Barry Bookheimer—  Lviv, Ukraine

To research Ukrainian nation-building efforts  in Germany and Canada from the Ukrainian diaspora


Austrian Room Committee Scholarship

Rachel Di Cicco— Vienna, Austria

To research the story and work of Kineticist artist Erika Giovanna Klien in order to challenge misconceptions surrounding male mentor—female mentee relationships


African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

Hannah Eko— Ile-Ife/Oyo State, Nigeria

To research the history of the orisha (Yoruba  deities)  of southwestern Nigeria from their connections to ancestor worship, “interactions with Christianity during the transatlantic slave trade”, and worship practices


Indian Room Committee Scholarship

Tamala Gondwe— Hyderabad, India

To research the attitudes, beliefs, preferences and knowledge of cesarean section delivery in the medical providers and mothers enrolled in the Longitudinal Indian Family Health (LIFE ) Study


Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Scholarship

Sylvia Grove — Dubrovnik, Croatia; Lyon & Paris, France

To research and identify the contemporary political, culinary, and literary climate in France


Stanley Prostrednik Grant

Matthew Hadodo — Istanbul, Turkey

To research the endangered dialect and culture of the remaining native Greek speakers of Istanbul


James W. Knox Memorial Scholarship

Max Harleman— Newcastle, England

To research shale gas development and associated governance issues in the United Kingdom and conduct a comparative analysis between natural-gas related policies in the United States and in the United Kingdom.


Greek Room Committee Scholarship

Kaitlyn Haynal— Several Locations in Greece

 To research how different types of experts communicate about cultural practices relating to the Greek Mediterranean diet and lifestyle


Fred C. Bruhns Memorial Scholarship

Miranda Hogsett— Aachen & Cologne, Germany

To research the Perceptions, narratives, and counter-narratives of teenage Syrian refugees in Germany


Hungarian Room Committee Scholarship

Amy Karabowicz— Budapest, Hungary

To research the social identities and lifeways of individuals associated with the Baden Complex during the Late Copper to Early Bronze Age transition in the Carpathian Basin


Stanley Prostrednik Scholarship

Jillian Kite — Coban, Guatemala

To research the Mayan indigenous beauty pageant held each year, both as it contrasts with the non-indigenous, westernized Latina beauty pageant


Stanley Prostrednik Health Sciences Scholarship

Kristen Kowalski– Auckland, New Zealand

To intern at Travellers Worldwide with an occupational therapist in an Inclusion Support Centre for children with physical and cognitive disabilities


George F. & Mary Ann McGunagle Scholarship

Nicholas Langston– Entebbe, Uganda

 To intern at Bright Kids Uganda as a program developer to design a strategy for expanding operations via its partner organization, Great Kings and Queens


Japanese Room Comittee Scholarship

Noriyasu Li– Tokyo, Japan & Seoul, Korea

To research the on-line processing of zibun by L1 and L2 speakers of Japanese


Stanley Prostrednik Health Sciences Grant

Alexandra Linn– Teresina, Brazil

To research the Zika virus and whether it can be sexually transmitted


James W. Knox Memorial Grant

Leslie Marshall– Kampala, Uganda

 To research the conditions of women’s economic and social policy preferences under current elected officials in Uganda


Czechoslovak Room Committee Scholarship

Allison McCann– Prague, Czech Republic

To research women’s devotional manuscripts in 14th-century Bohemia to show how individual and institutional agency came to bear on image-making in the later Middle Ages


Josephine and John McCloskey Memorial Scholarship

Sangki Oak– Guatemala City, Guatemala

To research the quality of the implementation and the effectiveness of the electronic Trauma Health Record system at a Guatemala hospital


Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

Julie Platt– Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

To intern in the Twinned Peace Sport School program, a program that brings together Israeli and Palestinian boys and girls for activities surrounding sports and peacebuilding


Dr. & Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Scholarship

Kali Stull– Jakarta, Indonesia

To intern at Peta Jakarta to take data that citizens produce on social media and visually represent it in an accessible and pragmatic way to improve emergency response and health conditions


John H. Tsui Scholarship

Sandi Ward– Tainan, Taiwan

To research the Taiwanese writer Sanmao using primary documents at the National Museum of Taiwanese Literature


Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Grant

Zina Ward– Several Locations  in Austria and France

To research the role of epistemic and non-epistemic values in debates about animal experimentation in 19th c. France


Dr. & Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Grant

Anna Wu– Manila, Philippines

To research the extent of antibacterial use due to the severity of antibacterial resistance in this area




John H. Tsui Scholarship

Jacky Chen– Beijing, China

To study the Chinese language and culture at the CIEE Summer Intensive Language Program at Peking University 


John H. Tsui Grant

Lucy Chen– Shanghai, China

To study the Chinese language and culture and participate in an internship with the Pitt in Shanghai program


Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Grant

Ishvaraus Davis– Nantes, France

To study international business and the French language  and culture with the Pitt in Nantes program


Austrian Room Committee Scholarship

Thomas Elvins– Vienna, Austria

 To study the German language at the University of Vienna Intensive Summer Course program and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna Intensive German and Austrian Studies Course program


Savina S. Skewis Grant

Raechel Heil– London & Bristol, England

To study the British Sign Language (BSL) and utilize it as a volunteer at the Elmfield School for Deaf Children


German Room Committee Scholarship

Kelsey Hillock– Augsburg, Germany

To study the German language and culture as well German business practices with the Pitt in Augsburg program


African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship

Ruba Idris– Iringa, Tanzania

To study Swahili and volunteer in public health organizations in East Africa with the Pitt in Tanzania program


Nationality Council Scholarship

Heather Johnson– Budapest, Hungary

To study Hungarian pharmaceutical practices with the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation, Student Exchange Program


David L. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship

Emily Kistler—Rome, Italy

To study Roman culture and the Italian language with the Pitt in Rome program


Women’s International Club Grant

Dayeong Lee– Iringa, Tanzania

To study African culture and language as well as perform volunteer work with the Pitt in Tanzania program


Frances & Sully Nesta Memorial Scholarship

Jessica Lee—Bologna, Italy

To research  early communicative behavior, specifically gestures, in extremely preterm infants and full-term infants at 18 months of age in a longitudinal study at the Sansavini Lab at the University of Bologna


Helen Pool Rush Grant

Seongmin Lee– Fortaleza, Brazil

To study the Portuguese language and research public opinion on early termination of pregnancy with the Center for Latin American Studies Seminar & Field Trip


Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Scholarship

Ying Lien— Quito, Ecuador

To study environmentalism and conservation efforts as well as the Spanish language with the Quito Environmental Studies IES Program


Austrian Room Committee Grant

Erin McMahon— Salzburg, Austria

To study German language and international economics at the University of Salzburg with the AIFS Study Abroad Program


Savina S. Skewis Scholarship

Alexa Moore– Mussoorie, India

To study environmentalism and ecology with the Pitt in India program


Czechoslovak Room Committee Scholarship

Emma Mosser– Prague, Czech Republic

To study Central European art, history, and psychology with the CIEE Summer Central European Studies program


David L. Lawrence Memorial Grant

Chimuanya Osuoha– Yokohama, Japan

To study the Japanese language at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies with the Summer Intensive Study Abroad program


Mary Campbell Cross/Irish Room Committee Scholarship

Casey Schmauder— Dublin, Ireland

To participate in the International Internship Program with a focus on international journalism


Helen Pool Rush Scholarship

Daniel Snyder— Lima, Peru

To study the Spanish language and Peruvian culture with the International Study Abroad program


Lithuanian Room Committee Scholarship

Goda Tarcijonas— Vilnius, Lithuania

To study the Lithuanian language and culture at the Vilnius University


Women’s International Club Grant

Channing Thomas– Buenos Aires, Argentina

To study the Spanish language and Argentine culture and politics with the IES Buenos Aires-Language and Argentine Studies program


Women’s International Club Scholarship

Leanna Travis— New Delhi, India

To study the Eastern healthcare field with the Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Practices program with the School For International Training


Herbert E. Lieberkind/Danish Room Committee Scholarship

Garrett White– Copenhagen, Denmark

To study entrepreneurship and business practices with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad