Donate to the Nationality Rooms

The form below will direct you through the donation process at the University of Pittsburgh, as it pertains to giving monetary gifts.  The form below is not to be used for contacting us for artifact donations.

You may direct your monetary gifts to the Nationality Rooms Program by clicking on the links below.  There are several categories of giving to the Nationality Rooms, a GENERAL GIFT, SCHOLARSHIP GIFT,  and paying your COMMITTEE DUES which are considered tax deductible as long as members do not receive services or items of value.  The links will lead you through the University of Pittsburgh’s Institutional Advancement donation process.


African Heritage Room General African Heritage Room Scholarship
Armenian Room General Armenian Room Scholarship
Austrian Room General Austrian Room Scholarship
Chinese Room General Chinese Room Scholarship
Czechoslovak Room General Czechoslovak Room Scholarship
English Room General English Room Scholarship
French Room General French Room Scholarship
German Room General  German Room Scholarship
Greek Room General Greek Room Scholarship
Hungarian Room General Hungarian Room Scholarship
 Indian Room General Indian Room Scholarship
Irish Room General Irish Room Scholarship Mary Campbell Cross
Israel Heritage Room General Israel Heritage Room Scholarship
 Italian Room General Italian Room Scholarship
Japanese Room General Japanese Room Scholarship
Korean Heritage General Korean Heritage Scholarship
Lithuanian Room General Lithuanian Room Scholarship
McCloskey Memorial Award Norwegian Room General
Polish Room General Polish Room Scholarship
Romanian Room General Romanian Room Scholarship
Russian Room General Russian Room Scholarship
Scottish Room General Scottish Room Scholarship Slater Scholarship
Swedish Room General Swedish Room Scholarship Bergstrom
Swiss Room General Swiss Room Scholarship
Syria Lebanon General Syria Lebanon Scholarship
Turkish Room General Turkish Room Scholarship
Ukrainian Room General Ukrainian Room Scholarship Manasterski Memorial Endowment
Welsh Room General Welsh Room Scholarship
Yugoslav Room General Yugoslav Room Scholarship
Womens Intl Club Scholarship  
Danish Room Scholarship  
Kennedy Memorial Fund Irish Room Scholarship  
Balest Greco and Lattari Italian Studies  
Affleck Scottish Room Scholarship  
Finnish Room Construction  
Iranian Room Construction  
Philippine Room Construction  



African Heritage Com Dues Armenian Committee Dues
Austrian Committee Dues Chinese Committee Dues
Czechoslovak Com Dues English Committee Dues
French Committee Dues German Committee Dues
Greek Committee Dues Hungarian Committee Dues
Indian Committee Dues Irish Committee Dues
Israel Heritage Com Dues Italian Committee Dues
Japanese Committee Dues Korean Heritage Com Dues
Lithuanian Committee Dues Norwegian Committee Dues
Polish Committee Dues Romanian Committee Dues
Russian Committee Dues Scottish Committee Dues
Swedish Committee Dues Swiss Committee Dues
Syria-Lebanon Com Dues Turkish Committee Dues
Ukrainian Committee Dues Welsh Committee Dues
Yugoslav Committee Dues WIC Dues