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Our Spring 2016 Newsletter is now available online.

Spring 2016 newsletter

OPen House 2015

Performance Schedule – Commons Room
12:10 – Introduction by Maxine Bruhns
12:15 – Afro-Colombian Dance Ensemble
12:30 – Shovlin Academy of Irish Dance
12:45 – Folklore Ensemble Ljeljo (Croatian)
1:00 – Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh 1:15 – Break
1:30 – Shovlin Academy of Irish Dance
1:45 – Grecian Odyssey Dancers (Greek)
2:00 – Folklore Ensemble Ljeljo (Croatian)
2:15 – OCA Youth Performance Ensemble (Chinese)
2:25 – Poltava Ukrainian Dance Co.
2:45 – Children’s Dabkeh Group (Lebanese)
3:00 – Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh)
3:15 – Tzu Chi Academy (Chinese)
3:30 – Grecian Odyssey Dancers (Greek)
3:45 – Lajkoniki Polish Dancers (Polish)

Ethnic Foods, Displays and Demonstrations Provided By:
African Heritage Committee, Austrian Committee, Chinese Committee, Czechoslovak Committee, English Committee, Finnish Committee, French Committee, German Committee, Greek Committee, Hungarian Committee, Indian Committee, Iranian Cultural Group, Irish Committee, Israel Committee, Japanese Committee, Israel Committee, Italian Committee, Japanese Committee, Latin American Committee, Paititi Art & Hand Crafts,
Philippine Committee, Polish Committee, Quo Vadis, Russian Committee, Syria Lebanon Committee, Turkish Committee, Ukrainian Committee,Welsh Committee, Women’s Int’l Club
FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: The Nationality Rooms are located around the corridor of the first and third floors. Elevators are near the Commons Room Gate. Restroom facilities are located on the ground and third floors.

The latest Nationality Rooms newsletter is available online.

Lauren Davidson of the "Pittsburgh Magazine" has written a profile of Nationality Rooms Director, E. Maxine Bruhns.  Pictures in the article are by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Martha Rial, including the portrait below.  Click here for the article.

Bruhns_by Martha Rial